April 16th, 1864

On April 16th, 1864 before the notary, Vincenzo Gatto undertakes to purchase a land in one of the areas that only a few decades earlier the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte defined as a prized area for the production of quality wines (Napoleonic land registers state, 1811). That marks the day in which the Gatto family begins its first steps as a reality in one of the hilly areas of the municipality of Valdobbiadene that benefits from the best conditions for the production of one of today’s most famous bubbles in the world, the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G.

October 21st and 22nd, 1866

The plebiscite of Venice, of the Venetians’ provinces and of Mantua stated the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy of those lands given to France by the Austrian Empire.

October 26th, 1867

“In the name of His Majesty Vittorio-Emanuele Secondo (...)”. It is the official signing date of the purchase of the land where our vineyards and the historic headquarters of the winery, a building of the 1656, are still located today. Six days after on November 1st there will be the settlement of the family in the current land..."

The ‘60s

Between the ‘50s and the ‘60s, Paolino, Vincenzo’s great-great grandson, together with his wife Eulalia, begins to market the first bottles obtained in their small winery; this is the beginning of the Gatto Prosecco, the first features of the family style begin to be known.

In the photo Gatto Paolino and Giotto Eulalia with the bottles of the most prestigious Prosecco of the house, the White Label.



The ‘80s

The rediscovery of the territory, the increasingly careful and methodical enhancement in the production of wines, and the new technologies allowed the children of Paolino, Maurizio and Gilberto, to bring to the tables the evolution of that first shy Prosecco, which was only refermented in the bottle, through the Martinotti method, more commonly known as the Charmat method, enhancing the freshness of the hills.


More than 150 years (and six generations) after Vincenzo, the brothers Alex and Paolo, children of Maurizio and Rina, support and continue the family tradition. In recent years, the winery can therefore count on the innovation brought by the young Gatto Brothers, both graduates from the ancient and renowned Scuola Enologica of Conegliano. With passion, perseverance and respect for the values transmitted by past generations, they have further increased the attention to details in every single production process, from the vineyard to the final bottle, bringing the sparkling wines of Casa Gatto to the achievement of a high-quality standard that proudly makes Fratelli Gatto Cavalier one of the wineries representing the quality of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. in the world.

Alex e Paolo Gatto - Vinitaly 2019